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August 2016
Upcoming short film

S A N K E has been filming together with the supremely talented young contemporary dancer Anna Einemo Frøysland. The result will be presented on the webpage in October.

May 2016
Exhibition documentation

Check out some documentation shots from the show Tipping Points: Flourish and Collapse in the Circularity of the Geostory at Podium, Oslo, Norway. CEO of
S A N K E , Andreas Ervik, presented the brand and gave away free goodie bags with product samples.

Product updates
September 2016
Sponsor of Norwegian Art Yearbook 2016

S A N K E is proud  sponsor of Norwegian Art Yearbook 2016. For the launch event of the book, director and CEO Andreas Ervik presented the brand and gave goodie bags to the first people who bought the book.
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September 2016
Spreads from Norwegian Art Yearbook 2016

Norwegian Art Yearbook is an annual publication about Norwegian art, featuring commissioned articles, reviews and presentations of artists and exhibitions. The Yearbook of 2016 presents S A N K E through pictures and an essay by writer and critic Ellef Prestsæter. The yearbook can be purchased here.
October 2016

S A N K E is proud to introduce our 2016 campaign with Anna Einemo Frøysland. In the video the amazing contemporary dancer explores natural movement and cycles. Anna dances barefeet in fields of flowers, on a fallen tree, in mud and flowing river water. Her movements range from soft to strong, taking inspiration from the life forms of the forest: the pliable plants stretching towards the sun or bowing to the wind, the roots searching determined for nourishment in the soil and the trees that find ways to keep growing even if they fall. Filmed and edited by Siv Dolmen.
Watch the video.
March 2017
Group show in Polignano a Mare, Italy

S A N K E is honored to participate in the show So Natural! in Polignano a Mare, Italy. The show features work by a range of young international artists, and deal (among other things) with the self-awereness and being of the non-human, the animals and plants. With creativity, care, a sense of belonging, love and the complex social and cultural values of bird song and the seduction and imitation games at play among flowers and insects.

"By following this perspective, the traditional categories separating humans from all the rest make boundaries weaker: the relationship between human and non-human becomes fluid, walking through a circular system of reciprocity. "

Facebook event for the opening
April 2017
Pictures from Polignano a Mare, Italy

S A N K E on display at So Natural! in Polignano a Mare, Italy. More pictures from the group show.