GULL is Norwegian for gold. GULL is a golden mouthfull of honey.

Each package contains a hand-thorn random piece of honeycomb.The honeycomb is delivered by Oslo Apiary.

Vital food for hunter-gatherers
The health of honeycombs
Honey is definitely paleo. It is a favorite food among most hunter-gatherers, and it has likely played a crucial role in our evolution.

Containing over a hundred different compounds, honey has a better impact on our bodies than sugar.

Our wildflower honey is nothing like store bought - not only is it raw and upausterized, it also comes in the honeycomb with larval eggs and pollen included.


As the most energy dense food in nature, honey is an important food for almost all hunter-gatherers.

During the two week long rain season the Hadza tribe get as much as 80% of their calories from honey.


Honey inhibits a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses, both externally and internally. Eating raw honey can prevent seasonal pollen allergies, and a little honey before bed may relieve sleeplessness.