"It’s really easy to get confused today, but deep down your body knows what you need. Listen to your body."

Andreas Ervik, founder and CEO of S A N K E
Your body knows
We combine contemporary, cutting-edge science with ancient knowledge. Our products offer something you've never experienced before. Your body, however, will feel instant familiarity.

By reviving evolutionary principles of health and well-being, S A N K E provides the body simply with what it has always needed.

S A N K E products are natural objects of desire, craved by the body for their ability to heal and rejuvenate. The subtle elegance of our products make them cutting edge fashion statements.

Our vision
S A N K E is an avant-luxury brand offering health, beauty and vibrance.

The Norwegian word  S A N K E means to gather. Our products have been gathered and prepared according to knowledge passed along since prehistory. Never before has the forefront of luxury been so attuned with our deep past.

Our bodily desires follow patterns formed through hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.

S A N K E products are based in evolutionary principles. We let you reconnect with the evolved patterns, to restore harmony and health.