HAV is Norwegian for ocean. HAV brings the ocean to your bathtub, revitalizing your skin with seaweed.

One burlap bag contains sun-dried Norwegian brown and red algae.

Seaweed is rich in minerals, especially iodine and potassium, which draws impurities from your skin. Due to this, using seaweed as your bath salt can have positive impact on skin conditions such as eczema.

The iodine of seaweed also helps regulate your thyroid hormone production, promiting healthy adrenal function. Healthy adrenals are important for proper stress tolerance, making the seaweed bath relaxing and immensely stabilizing.

Place your ball of dried seaweed in water and it  releases a gel. This gel will coat your skin, cleasing any impurities. Skin conditions such as eczema can be treated with the therapeutic use of seaweed in your bath


All life came from the sea. Up until modernity humans have been swimming in water that is brimming with life. By adding seaweed to your spa ritual, your bath water can once again become nourishing, refreshing and relaxing.

Revitalize your spa
Treatment for eczema