JORD is Norwegian for earth. JORD is a chocolate filled with earth.

One box of JORD contains a chocolate filled with at least 15 strains of beneficial micoorganisms. Our chocolate is fair trade and organic, with 85% cocoa.

The gut needs biodiversity

The gut is a tropical rainforest. The inner rainforests of the Western have been destroyed by modern hygiene, diet and lifestyle. Lack of diversity in the gut is implicated in all diseases of civilization.

Promoting positive thinking

Naturally occurring bacteria in the soil, makes you produce more serotonin. Serotonin is known as the happiness hormone.

Ingesting dirt and chocolate stimulates, relaxes and makes you happier.

The ancient Maya called chocolate the food of the gods. It truly is, as a delicious and powerful antioxidant, which stimulates and relaxes your mind, and keeps your heart healthy.

The ingestion of dirt introduces bacteria and viruses into our bodies, which builds the immune system and keeps it working the way it should.