LEIRE is Norwegian for clay. LEIRE is a clay skin care product.

100 % Norwegian clay, without additives. Comes in a clay-based cement container.

Detoxifying and healing clay
The secret tool for healthy skin
Clay has been a secret tool for healing and rejuvenating skin since prehistory. The excellent mineral content of Norwegian blue clay provides your skin with nourishment to maintain or regain smooth vibrance.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and is exposed to external conditions, to the chemicals and pollution of modernity. The clay can be used to extract such impurties from the skin. It may even be ingested to ease stomach trouble.

Mix the powdered clay with a few drops of water, until it forms a nice paste. Apply to your body and face.

The clay may bring a warm sensation, and after removal your skin will look and feel bright and soft.


Clay is eaten by sick or injured throughout the animal kingdom because of its therapeutic qualities.

Our clay may be ingested, to detoxify an infection, or simply to soothe stomach ache.