NEKTAR is Norwegian for nectar.
NEKTAR is a fermented elderflower cordial.

One bottle of fermented elderflower and lemon.

Unique and handmade
The elderflowers are gathered in spring. Placing the flowers in sugar and water, they are then allowed to ferment spontaneously with yeasts and bacteria from the air.

The fermentation process adds fizz, turning the drink into a natural, alcohol-free champagne substitute. The result is a perfect drink for special occasions.

Elderflower can be used to treat colds, influenza, sore throats and short breath. Our drink is particularly health inducing for the immune system, containing living microbes which can heal, or help to maintain good function.

Microbes for immune function

No starter-culture is added to our drink, so each batch will have a unique mixture of yeast and bacteria.

The bottles are capped, and left to age for a few months, which deepens the taste and aroma.