REGN is Norwegian for rain. REGN is a perfume that smells like earth after a shower of summer rain.

One perfume bottle in glass and copper, dressed in soil.


The scent of summer romance
During summer when the sun is high and your skin is warm, a drizzle of rain is a welcome event. After the rainfall the world is filled with the most beautiful, dreamy fragrance, the smell of wet soil. With our perfume you can now bring this sweet sensation with you.

This scent holds a special place in human olfactory system. Therefore, a little goes a long way, as the fragrance easily attracts attention with its subtle elegance.

Humans have undoubtedly always enhanced their body odor to attract partners. Freshly moisted soil is easily noticed by humans, bringing a sense of extreme wellbeing. It is the perfect scent for a summer romance, or enticing your lover.

Gentle presence

Modern perfumes contain a range of harmful substances that may cause hormone imbalances and allergies.

Rather than disrupt your body's ecosystem, our perfume brings a gentle, bodily friendly presence.