Immune-regulating mushroom
Medicinal chaga

In Siberia, chaga is known as a gift from the Gods. The medicinal mushroom  is the most powerful antioxidant we know of. Its anti-inflammatory phenols makes it cancer fighting and immune-modulating.
Young spruce clears your lungs
This tea combines the winter harvested chaga mushroom and beard lichen, with new shots of spruce, signalling the coming of spring. SKOG gets you through winter, and into spring, in perfect health and balance.

Paluwnoia wood has been chosen for packaging because of its positive impact on the environment.

The chaga, spruce has been gathered in Norwegian forests during season.
Cold-Free Winter

Spruce shots contain an exceptional amount of vitamin c. They can prevent couching, and keep your lungs clear.

The etheric oils found in spruce shots relax the body, soothing nerves and muscle pains.
SKOG is Norwegian for forest. SKOG is an invigorating herbal infusion of dried spruce, chaga and lichen.

Approximately 80g tea, packaged in a box of palownia wood.