ELV is Norwegian for river.
ELV is a bottle of unfiltered river water.

One handblown glass bottle containing natural water from a river in White Mountain, Norway, with nothing added or taken away.

Drink like your ancestors
Our water brings your body back in time. It transports you  from the processed, chemically filtered water you usually drink. ELV takes you back into the wild.

There is nothing more luxurious than water straight from the river. Not only does it taste extraordinary, but it also fills your cells with the purest water imaginable.

River water is naturally brimming with microbes in every drop, providing the body with the life force it needs.

These microbes play an important role in the prevention and treatment of the diseases of civilization.
Health-promoting microorganisms

Since the dawn of humankind we have formed cups with our hands, drinking straight from the river. Modern water contains chemicals that can damage your cells. Our water, on the other hand, is recognizable to our ancestors.